Download Gradients Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles

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The original asset that we are known for...

Photoshop Layer Styles are the easiest way to speed up the design process. I found that my previous article - was a lot helpful to many.
Coming to the Layer Styles, I found a lot of styles on the Web to download but none of them were of the today’s trend of Web 2.0. So here is a set of 131 Photoshop Layer Styles I created in .ASL ( Photoshop Layer Style ) format.
As explained in the below image, I feel this set of Layer Styles could be the fastest way to create Web Elements like Buttons, headers, Content Backgrounds and a lot other stuff…
Feel free to use these cool set of Layer Styles anywhere but please don’t forget to share this link too…

Click download here

Download Gradients


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